Making a List...

Ugh! Why do gifts have to be so complicated? I feel so bad for hubz because he doesn't want me to give him a list (and truly I'd have no idea what to put on it), but he thinks I'm really hard to shop for. This is not the first time I've heard this. I don't know where this came from - I know I have high standards and like what I like, but people, come on. You know me better than that - I think I've exchanged two gifts total in my entire life. I'm so appreciative of anything I receive.

So what to do? Anyone want to dream up some great gift ideas for me and send them to hubz?


And then there were nine...

So this year alone I have been to see 11 doctors (ELEVEN!):

Primary Care Physician

Now, I know I'm not the healthiest of people, but that is just ridiculous. And, it's not like I went for just one visit each. Nope, I have see these doctors for a total of 38 office visits this year. WHOA!

Well, I'm happy to say that with my recent "graduation" from therapy and now a good report from the pulmonologist today I can reduce my number of doctors to nine. Whoo Hooo!!

I'm fairly certain I'll be adding some more doctors soon (more on that later), but if you don't mind, I'll just relish in the reduced numbers for right now.

Happy Weekend ya'll!


Graduation Day!

I may be done with official diplomas, but today I was able to add a new milestone to my personal education. I've officially graduated from therapy. I've been minimizing my sessions over the past sixth months and today was the first session since September. Both me and my therapist agree that I'm in a pretty good place right now. So I'm discontinuing therapy for the time being. I, of course, reserve the right to check in every now and then or go back fully if things get tough. But just last night, hubz and I were commenting on how improved things have been. So yay for me on growing up, and making progress in my life. I'll take that over a walk across a stage and a piece of paper any day.


RE: The Babies are Here!

Babies R Us owes me big time. I cannot tell you how much I despise that store. With all the babies listed in the aforementioned post, you would think shopping for a gift there would get easier. But, alas, no. I truly think their strategy is to keep you in the store for as long as possible, and to ensure there are lots of little items grouped together that automatically add up to exactly double what you were planning to spend. So frustrating!


The babies are here!

If you previously read my blog, you would know I've had a banner year of friends' pregnancies** to celebrate (and be jealous of). Here's a recap beginning November 2008 through October 2009:

New Bundles of Joy:
Tori - Priya Valentina born November 7, 2008
Amy - Maevy McGuinness born March 4
Alisha - Matthew Dale born April 2009
Carrie - Declan William born April 3

Audra - Celia born April 15

Traci - Sam born May 20

Danielle B - Reagan Rose born May 27
Sarah B.- Carter born May 27
Shannon A - Delainey born June 2009

Sarah S. - Dylan Ajay born June 13

Kerry -Patrick Steven born June 26
Rachel - Sam born July 11
Danielle J - Charles Davis born August 19

Jennifer- Zoe Luna born August 17
Diana - Hunter James born August 21

Megan - Matthew born August 22
Gina - Gianna Dorothy born September 9
Amanda - Claira Rose born September 14
Alyssa - Sean Andrew born September 15

Marlar - Evelyn Avery born September 29
Lisa T - Lydia born October 16

Aimee - due January
Gena - due December
Becky - due January
Sally - due ?
Nicole - due ?


**26 total not including random facebook friends - crazy!


What to write?

So, I've re-committed to my blog - at least mentally. But now that I'm here, I have NO idea what to write about, which is super frustrating. I'll have to start making notes about blog topics or I'll put you all to sleep.

While I'm figuring things out - here's a change. I'm no longer drinking chai la las - I know, HUGE SHOCK! With all my health issues this year, I've switched over to green tea lattes. So, does that warrant a blog name change? I don't know, you tell me...

But, fear not, I have stayed true to character when it comes to my confusing order. I'm sure I solicit plenty of stares and huhs?!?? when I order a "grande, soy, no foam, no classic, two sweet n low, green tea latte." But seriously - if I'm going to pay four+ bucks for a drink, I'll choose to embrace the embarrassment.

Oh and for any of you soy drinkers out there - get a Starbucks card and register it online. You get free soy!!! ($0.40/day can really add up)